The Work and the Glory

2004PG110 min

Recently moved to upstate New York from the comfort of their Vermont homestead, the Benjamin Steed family makes their way into the established social structure of Palmyra. In their attempt to settle peacefully into the new community they find the help that they have hired to clear their land is at the center of a religious controversy - a controversy that threatens to tear the family apart.

Genres:Drama, Faith and Spirituality, Romance

Director:Russell Holt

Cast:Sam Hennings, Brenda Strong, Eric Johnson, Alexander Carroll, Tiffany Dupont, Brighton Hertford, Kimberly Varadi, Colin Ford, Kathryn Firago, Jim Grimshaw, Jonathan Scarfe, Sarah Darling, Edward Albert, Ryan Wood, Jordan Rose Tarter, Anne Sward, Levi Larsen


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