The Things We Carry

200916+77 min

When her addict mother dies, Emmie returns home, traveling through the underbelly of suburbia looking for a package her mother left behind, reconnecting with her estranged sister, Eve, along the way. This independent film screened at eighteen festivals across the US, winning a number of awards.

Genres:Arthouse, Drama

Director:Ian McCrudden

Cast:Alyssa Lobit, Catherine Kresge, Alexis Rhee, Johnny Whitworth, Ilene Graff, Josh Pence, Frank Merino, Daniel Zacapa, Jennifer Blanc, Angela Oh, Rob Moran, Austin Basis, Tria Xiong, Marshall Manesh, Amaris Dupree, Marilyn Arias, Billy Cowart, Judy Jean Kwon, Christopher Michael DiSalvo, Justin Huen, Donnie Faught, Tonya Kay


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