The Head of Joaquín Murrieta

202316+1 Season

Greed took over California because of the gold rush. It made people thirsty for wealth and land. There, in the newly drawn border between Mexico and the US, a lawless war for control, fueled by the anger and xenophobia of the past war, is led by a group of immigrants who join forces to create the myth of the Latin Robin Hood: Joaquín Murrieta

Genres:Action, Western

Cast:Juan Manuel Bernal, Alejandro Speitzer, Steve Wilcox, Becky Zhu Wu, Yoshira Escárrega Godínez, Liam Sharpe, Michael Wilson Morgan, Manuel Villegas, Emiliano Zurita, Andrew Leland Rogers, Mario Ramírez, Leonard Kelly-Young, Diana Lein, Dominic Bracco


Added to Amazon Prime Video:January 20, 2023

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