Swing Hostess

194413+74 min

Unemployed aspiring swing-band singer Judy Alvin (Tilton) is unable to get a job with another band, and is instead hired as a switchboard operator at a new juke box company. The company sells unique art-deco style juke boxes where the pictured operator is phoned at the push of a button by the customer, and who then acts as a DJ to play requested records. In a plot similar to "Singin' in the Rain," the evil Phoebe Forbes (Brodel), who can't sing, passes off Judy's lovely singing voice as her own and gains fame for it. Later, Judy falls in love with handsome bandleader Benny Jackson (Collins), who hires her on as his featured singer, which ends up exposing Phoebe as a fraud. Great comic relief is provided by Judy's roommate Marge O'Day (Adrian).

Genres:Action, Arts, Entertainment, and Culture, Comedy

Director:Sam Newfield

Cast:Martha Tilton, Claire Rochelle, Harry Holman, Terry Frost, Charles Collins, Earle Bruce, Betty Brodel, Iris Adrian


Added to Amazon Prime Video:March 30, 2021

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