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When a home birth goes horribly wrong, the administering midwife finds herself facing charges of manslaughter. Told through the eyes of her 14-year-old daughter who finds herself having to choose between the law and her devotion to her mother.


Director:Glenn Jordan

Cast:Sissy Spacek, Peter Coyote, Terry Kinney, Alison Pill, Susannah Hoffmann, Cliff Saunders, Elva Mai Hoover, Piper Laurie, Lindsay Collins, Murray Oliver, Stephen Hunter, Bruce McFee, Terry V. Hart, Brock Clermont, Danielle Bouffard, Jillian Cook, Robert Gow, Mai Stanek, J.C. Kenny, Ezra Perlman, Jeremy Wright, Norma Edwards, Elizabeth Goodyear, Marvin Hinz, Richard Blackburn, Catherine Burdon, Eric Coates, David Gardner, Maggie Huculak, R.D. Reid, Amy Stewart


Added to Amazon Prime Video:September 15, 2021

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