LOL: Last One Laughing Italy

202116+1 Season

In the first season of LOL, 10 comedians - Caterina Guzzanti, Frank Matano, Elio, Lillo, Katia Follesa, Angelo Pintus, Ciro and Fru from The Jackal, Michela Giraud and Luca Ravenna - face off for six hours in a row to keep a straight face, trying everything to make their opponents laugh. Whoever makes it to the end wins €100,000 to turn over to charity. Fedez presents together with Mara Maionchi.

Genres:Comedy, Unscripted

Cast:Fedez, Mara Maionchi, Elio, Caterina Guzzanti, Lillo, Angelo Pintus, Frank Matano, Katia Follesa, Ciro e Fru dei The Jackal, Michela Giraud, Luca Ravenna


Added to Amazon Prime Video:April 1, 2021

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