Held For Ransom

1938PG60 min

Wealthy candy businessman Herbert Scott is kidnapped and then held for ransom. Scott's son, Larry (Withers) pays the $50,000 ransom, but his father is not released. The FBI then brings in their best agent, the formidable Betty Mason (Mehaffey) to work with Detective J.J. Morrison (Mulhall) to track down the kidnappers. Betty ends up romancing both her partner Morrison, and Larry Scott, who is suspected to be behind the kidnapping. The pair finally discover the remote hideout where Herbert is being kept, leading to a climactic final shootout. A classic crime caper with an unusual twist for the time of having a woman be the lead detective.

Genres:Action, Adventure, Drama

Director:Clarence Bricker

Cast:Blanche Mehaffey, Grant Withers, Bruce Warren, Jack Mulhall, Kenneth Harlan


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