He Who Lives In Hidden Lakes

201913+96 min

The fanatic beliefs of an internet mystic, a cult leader, and a rookie cop gone rogue are tested on the hunt for the "Hidden Man": an elusive forest-dwelling cryptid that terrorizes their idyllic suburb.

Genres:Action, Science Fiction, Suspense

Director:Zach Lona

Cast:Kevin K. Gomez, Sarah Kopp, Lucas Lona, Rachel O'Connell, Charlie Bain, Arash Fakhrabadi, Helen Liaskos-Lona, Moriah Martel, Emily Camp, Vincent Banks, Katherine Bellantone, Eddie Lynch, Ali de Rosas, Dom Udell, Daphne Nitsuga, Patrys Jean Destin, Shannon Angel, John McDonnell, Derek Johnson, Pete Laughlin, Nora King, Alan Prince, Chrissy Rejcek, Jordan Bridgman, Jeremiah Davis, Trina Love, Martin Davis, Nick Alonzo, Anthony Gibson, Zach Lona

Production Country:United States


Added to Amazon Prime Video:August 25, 2021

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