Hal King

202116+114 min

Hal King is part of the 1950s beatnik jazz scene; running with drug addicts and fast women. But after being drafted for the Korean War, he may be forced to choose between carrying his father's political legacy, and the woman he loves.


Director:Myron Davis

Cast:Tyrik Ballard, SharaƩ Moultrie, Ryan Shaw, Darien Dean, Eric Roberson, Tony McLendon Sr., Dion Davis, Sophia Nicole Stephens, Tarrey Torae, Antonio C. McLendon Jr., Larob K. Payton, Caleb Alexander Wrigh, Jacob Bates, Alvin Frazier, Brady Hill, Keith Benford, Cameron Woods, Esjae, Angela S. Arnold


Added to Amazon Prime Video:May 9, 2021

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