Gown and Out in Beverly Hills

202216+3 Seasons

More BTS antics and red-carpet glamour at the world-famous boutique of Pol' Atteu Beverly Hills with Celebrity Fashion designer Pol Atteu and hubby, Patrik Simpson. This season brings the Boyz outside boutique and dives into their personal lives and loves while Pol' Atteu continues to sketch, sew and create his signature fashion masterpieces for their Hollywood celebrity friends.

Genres:Comedy, LGBTQ, Special Interest

Cast:Pol' Atteu, Patrik Simpson, SnowWhite90210, Porscha Coleman, Iris Almario, Laci Mercede, Nikki Haskell, Krystal Nielsen, Lee Purcell, Casey Burke, Dr. Payman Simoni, Tamara Henry, Tyler Gordon, Texas Tater Cat, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Dr. Mahnaz Rashti


New Season Added:August 22, 2022

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