COD(Cash On Delivery)

202113+130 min

COD is a story about a jobless artist who hijacks an abandoned taxi. His mission is to deliver the taxi and get some Cash on Delivery. A Passion Movies presentation.

Genres:Comedy, Drama

Director:Robert Megha

Cast:Jatin Negi, Preeti Choudhury, Vikrant Khaire, Arjun Gopal Marwal, Devendra Bhagat, Deepak Ogale, Vaibhav Kumbhar, Sanjiv Landage, Naveen Sequeira, Akshay Lohakpure, Omi Kashyap, Amrish Majumdar, Amar Dixit, Christopher R. Watson, Kajal Singh


Added to Amazon Prime Video:July 30, 2021

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