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The film brings out the overwhelming reality of abusive relationships. There are several stories that connect from the characters. At work, at home or with the one you love most, each new situation opens up the sickest side of relationships and society.

Genres:Drama, Romance

Director:Victor Frad

Cast:Ana Beatriz Menezes, Ana Emília Duarte, Ana Richa, Artur Telles, Bruna Stéfany, Edelweiss Loiperdinger, Felipe de Barros, Giovanna Aor, Igor marot, Jessica Esteves, Lohana Marinho, Luciana Carvalho, Matheus Boaventura, Micheli Basseto, Mikaelly Alves dos Santos, Piera Pilar, Rafaela Targino, Ramayana, Rosilene Reis, Shallon Felipe, Tarcísio Carvalho, Thaís Teodósio, Valentina Leão, Victoria Coimbra, Xico Santos, Raphael Cavalcanti


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